State Trooper Jessie Osborn is working the graveyard shift when he and his partner are called to check out a suspicious sedan in a pullout off a remote Alaskan Highway. The brief encounter leaves one man dead and turns Jessie’s life into a nightmare.

The incident explodes in the press. Portrayed as a monster and threatened with lawsuits, Jessie’s world turns upside down in a perfect storm of suspicion and spectacle. With the past continuing to haunt him, he embarks on an epic journey of discovery.

Jessie sets sail from Alaska on a perilous voyage through the fabled Northwest Passage, a labyrinth of sea and ice that spans the entire continent of North America. Barely passable during the brief summer, sailors have only recently succeeded in navigating its treacherous waters because of climate change.

Jessie keeps a cinematic logbook as the challenges of sailing across the Arctic keep mounting. A journey that was planned for a few months stretches out into years, while a mesmerizing story of exile, love and redemption unfolds against a seascape of breathtaking beauty.

The Passage is a first person documentary shot by Jesse Osborn and directed by William Watson and Joanna Kiernan.